Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to my family and friends, especially my friends in the blogging world.  Here's hoping that for those of you who have completed your adoptions, your families grow closer and stronger.   The bonding and attachment that will happen this year as your children are in forever homes full of love will amaze us all.  How lucky the children are to have found such wonderful and loving parents.  Thank you for sharing stories with us.  It gives me hope. In reading one of Lisa's post,  I learned about her recent dreams (nightmares) of not being able to help Lucy and how she felt that meant her bonds were deepening was interesting.   I loved Catherine's post about Christmas morning and how excited Hannah was that she took a break from opening presents to play.  I know and am confident Wendy's son will continue to enjoy school when he goes back tomorrow and gets back into a regular routine this week.  Speaking from years of teaching experience, the last week of school before Christmas is hectic and stressful for a lot of children.  There isn't a lot of teaching that happens between concert practices, crafts, a party on the last day etc.!  (Maybe I shouldn't admint this, but hey at least I'm honest!)  It looked like Santa was good to little Maeve in Seattle as well!  

To those of you like me waiting, and waitng, trying to cross bridges and jump hurdles, may the good Lord bless us and give us the patience and wisdom to navigate our way through this forest and allow us to celebrate when the time is right.  People have asked me why I put myself out here like this.  I started a blog as a way to document the journey for my future child and to update friends.   I don't write particularly well and didn't want to keep a journal so thought I'd try this.  For somebody that doesn't use Facebook, tweet or any of those other things,  I was amazed to discover a large community out there that is a tremendous sense of support.

Here's to the road ahead!


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