Saturday, 21 January 2012

Tired, Frustrated and Fed-Up.

Three people this week have told me I sound more positive, relaxed and up-beat.  Only one of them spoke to me tonight!!!!!  Thanks C for letting me vent.

To buy or not to buy, that is the question  (My keyboard has gone into European mode and I  can`t get a question mark) Yesterday I was rather stupid because I went to Kidsbooks and spent a nice sum of money on books for the child I don't have yet.  The bookstore had a 20% off sale but I lost all benefit of that when I returned to the car and found I had a parking ticket!  There are many books written for children, primarily little girls, about adoption from China.  I refuse to buy these as although the message is appropriate the illustrations aren't.  I bought a couple of Todd Parr books, a photo book on adoption, a book on families and a game.  I also got a non-fiction book called, "Happpy Birthday" but couldn't find it on the Kidsbooks website so the link is to Amazon.  It is a book that explains the different components of birthdays in a really clear and simple way.  For a child that maybe hasn't celebrated many birthdays it explains a lot of things.

We had a lovely staff social after school and should do this more often. It was very easy to plan, a team effort and a fun way to relax and visit with colleagues.  I was doing okay until I checked my email before leaving school.  Needless to say I came home, curled up in my chair and read for two hours before making a run to London Drugs.  My feet have been really bad today and standing has been very painful.  I don`t think the tennis ball exercise my physio has given me is helping.

Some how I didn't publish this from my laptop at 1:00 in the morning.  Here it is from my desktop!


  1. Books help with the nesting process... I bought a ton of books during the waiting game. Eventually there will be a little person with grubby hands reading those fantastic books :-)

  2. Thanks Shauna for justifying my purchases and encouraging more. My theory is also that while I have some money now I should buy as things will likely be tighter later on. As a primary teacher I have lots of books from Scholastic but I want to build a really good quality library for home. There will be a lot of classroom books that disappear for a while, especially ones for the different holidays. Did you post or somebody else about the "12 books of Christmas"? I did link to it in one of my December posts. It was simply giving your child a new book each day for the 12 days before Christmas. It was explained that it helps with the anticipation and excitement. I think it is a wonderful excuse to buy more books. You can tell I don't need much encouragement.