Tuesday, 3 January 2012

One of my Christmas presents - a camcorder

I decided with a gift card from a friend, money from my dad and a little money of my own I would buy a camcorder.  "Why?," my mother asked.  I tried to explain that buying it now meant I'd have it for 'Gotcha Day' or whatever it will be called in the country I am adopting from.   When she saw it she was amazed by its size and zoom.  I am trying to learn how to use it but really need my travel partner, as yet undetermined - but I have one or two people in mind, to learn how to use it.  Then again, most people aren't technologically fearful like me and could probably just pick it up and use it.

Okay, what did I buy?  I ended up with a Sony DCR-SX45.  It isn't a high def camcorder and although I have a flat screen TV I don't have a HD box yet.  The HD camcorders were a significant jump in price and I didn't want to pay over $400!!!   This one was a great price ($250)  for what I want it for and has a great zoom.  It went on sale after Christmas and I got another $30 back that I put towards a case.  In looking for info on it tonight to post, there are a couple of young kids who have made YouTube reviews on it.  I liked the fact that it took SD cards and had no internal memory.  The salesman at London Drug sold me on this feature.  So long as I have a supply of SD cards with me and a spare battery, I won't get a message to say the internal memory is full!   Yikes, that would be really bad luck.  I couldn't imagine saying, "Hey, can I come back in a couple of hours when my camcorder is empty and have you hand me my child again so we can get it on tape?"  I'm kidding of course!  I will buy another battery closer to the time as they are about $80.    I was going to try and post a video for you to see my skills, or lack there of, but was called out by a friend with an emergency.  It is now bedtime.  I  don't know if I need a youtube account or if I can just post a video like a photo.  Nope, can't post like a photo.

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