Monday, 30 January 2012

The EI petition - one free and easy thing you can do for prospective parents, and shots

The deadline has been removed from the EI petition blog and it now has no end date.  I had been quietly hoping for 1,500.  It jumped a lot in the last day so somebody has a lot of friends and family that has got wind of this.  If you haven't signed this please do so.  I sent it to my agency and to a woman at AFABC who has been most helpful in my journey so far.   Children joining families through adoption are every bit in need of time with their new parents and families.  Please pass this on to anybody you know who you think might sign it.  I am going to send it to my local Status of Women committee and hope they will take it up and ask members to sign it.  It seems such a human rights issue and something that they might be interested in supporting. If you have already signed the petition, thank you.

Still no news on my fingerprints!!!!!!   I can't do anything else until I get them back.  My advice to other families, although these are time sensitive, start them early.  Don't be in the position that I'm in where they are holding you up!

Oh, I forgot to post that I started my shots last Thursday night.  I went to the travel clinic and got my first Hep A & Hep B as well as an MMR booster.  I go back in a month for my second Hep A & Hep B as well as Typhoid.  I also need rabies and yellow fever but will post more later.  I need to go through the book again and see what else I need.  Some of the shots can't be given at the same time as they are considered live vaccines.


  1. Hi Elizabeth, hope this comment goes through as I've tried to write to you a few times...anyhow in answer to your question about my new job...the company is Instrux Media and they have info. if you want to send Bill your CV. Anyhow one of my colleagues actually works out of BC....we are all working out of our homes, have skype calls etc...and do have face to face meetings too...anyhow that's about it...hang in there, the adoption journey is the most difficult while you are still making decisions...not to say it won't be difficult later, but sounds like you have not settled on a country yet?? I found that so overwhelming and when I settled on Vietnam, at least my focus shifted to only one country to learn about!! good luck!!

  2. Thanks Francesca for the information. I will definitely look at it becasue once I am ready to return to work, it may work really well for me. I think it is great that you are considering adopting again. Would you go back to the Vietnam program? I hear it is now a long wait, up to three or four years.