Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Patience and Waiting!!!!!!!!

I used to think I was a fairly patient person but I am beginning to reconsider that thinking!   After getting Part 1 of the citizenship process off last week, and thanks to Canada Post Tracking, confirmation that it arrived in Sydney, Nova Scotia on Monday, I must wait!!!!!  And wait!!!!  Apparently they will send me a letter to say they have received it or are reviewing it. I forget what other bloggers have said.  Cost $160 ($100 plus $60 notary)

Please excuse any typos in this tonight.  I am trying to use my new laptop and stuggling with the keyboard and size of font.  I don't seem able to adjust any of the screen displays or contrast so am struggling to see and read the screen, as well as getting used to a smaller keyboard.  I've got to get used to this for when I travel. = : )

On Friday I paid my Stage Two Fees to my local agency here.  Luckily they take VISA so I get points for it that I may eventually, note the word eventually, be able to use for travel.  Cost $3,5000.  This is not a cheap process because I have already paid two other amounts.

This week I am setting about my dossier requirements.  Different police departments work diffrerent ways in different provinces and although the agency in Ontario says my country wants an RCMP crimminal record check, here in Vancouver the "crim check" is done through the Vancouver Police Department.  I spent yesterday and today trying to find answers to the difference and the process on line.  I am so old fashioned!  Please give me a human being to talk to, not a complicated telephone system that I get lost and frustrated navigating around.  This afternoon I left school and rushed to drop off my application for summer school, please pray I get this again this year, then a form to my agency, and then the Vancouver Police Department on Cambie Street.  I had seen something on line about how you have to go to two different places for the record check and the finger prints.  Thank my lucky stars that for adoption purposes only they can do both at the VPD office.  I have nine out of ten accurate fingerprints (left thumb wouldn't give a clear print) which the guy doing it thought would pass.  Please keep your fingers crossed that Ottawa doesn't bounce it back!  Apparently for the fingerprints and crimminal check I can expect to wait three weeks.  Cost $95. 

I walked back to the car thinking, I hope people who are able to have children easily appreciate their great fortune! Especially those that can time the arrival of their baby to coincide with the maximum amount of top up!   Along with this thought, I also saw all hopes of having a child for next Christmas fading fast and I am not even PMSing yet!  I went from the VPD to WW and boy was that ugly!  I hadn't been since September and there was a 14 lb difference in the wrong direction.  Almost too embarassing to post but I have to get back on top of this issue.   I was doing so well this time last year and was doing 10,000 steps a day. My ankle wouldn't take that now!   I know what I need to do to help myself.  I need to get my dossier off then focus on me and my apartment while I wait.  As soon as my dossier gets accepted I do want to start working on my child's lifebook.  See links to Beth O'Malley in the right hand margin.  From WW I went to London Drugs to get some pictures developed for my little 8x8 calendar as well as for a special photo album. 

I also found out today that after the lawyer signs Form A, then I need a letter from the province saying that the lawyer is in good standing and able to practice law in B.C.  I want to get on this a.s.a.p.  as maybe the two (this and the crimminal record check) will arrive back at the same time.  I have three good friends writing letters of reference and am waiting for my local agency to put some things together for me to pick up.  All the orginal documents need an affidavit.  Form A with the accompanying letter is my next hurdle!

My local agency offered to mail the VERY large check to the agency in Ontario but I said I'll do it and give them a copy of it.  I can't risk it getting misplaced, lost or delayed! More importantly, I want to know when it has gone.  I will pay what it takes to send the cheque registered mail.  When the time comes, I will also copy all of my documents in my dossier so that  all the agency here has to do is send it.  If I have to wait three weeks, perhaps my original worker may be back from her medical leave. 

I now have to do my physio exercises.  Sorry John, haven't done them for a week so I guess I can't complain!

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