Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Part 1 - Confirmation of Canadian Citizenship of the Adoptive Parent was sent today

Today was a somewhat significant day in that I had three documents notarized so I could send my confirmation of citizenship form to Nova Scotia for processing.  This process I have been told can take up to nine months but the agency in Ontario I will be working with said it isn't needed until the second trip.  Please keep your fingers crossed the time lines come together and work for me.

Here are a couple of pictures for documentation purposes.  A few fellow bloggers have mentioned Blog2print as a site that turns blogs into photo books.  I'd like to be able to make a book out of this first part of the journey up to travel for the second trip so that my child will be able to see the process I went through to bring him or her home. 

I've never had anything notarized before and got to see the red (it's red but looks gold in the picture)stamp/seal people have blogged about.  I liked the notary and went there because when I did a Google search for a notary in my neighbourhood she was the closest one.  I was happy with her and think I will employ her services for the rest of my documents.  When I told her what the documents were for and how simple they were (passport, driver's license and citizenship card) she gave me a deal.  I greatly appreciated this as it saved me $45.

I still can't figure out the youtube posting.  Other blogs have videos that use youtube but you can't watch them on youtube only on their blog.  The two I posted are unfortunately "out there" and linked to goodness knows what.  If anybody knows how to fix the youtube settings please let me know.

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