Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Citizenship and Immunizations Update

Yesterday I arrived home to find a letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada dated Jan. 9 to say they had received my application for Part 1.  They estimate it will take 15 weeks for me to hear of a decision.  I figure this will be late April.  The adoption must then be completed within two years of the date of the decision.  Apparently I don't need this confirmation until the second trip so I think this will work out for me.  Some people have blogged that this process could take up to nine months!  I love that it will be sooner but wonder if it has to do with a decrease in the number of international adoptions.  For example, in March the processing rate in Ethiopia dropped by 95%!  It has increased some but the waitlist is still long! 

Yesterday I also received a newspaper article from my parents.  My dad enjoys reading the Weekend Finacial Times and gets it from Chapters every weekend.  Last weekend there was an article by a single, 44 year old journalist named Kate Burgess who lives in London and adopted a child from Russia.  My adooption story is quite similiar to hers so far and it doesn't seem things are any easier in the UK than they are here. The only difference at this point is the age of the child.  I had actually investigated the UK as an option last spring as I was born there and lived there until I was 15.  I wondered if it would be any easier but one has to be a resident and from Kate's story the children available domestically there have much the same needs as our children in care in B.C.   It is definitely worth reading.  The online version outlines the costs that the print version didn't!  I think it is great she wrote such an article.  I believe we need to share our stories to support each other but more importantly to help provide children with loving, caring, supportive forever homes.

Today I arrived home after a very long day (union meeting after school) to find an envelope at my door, a priority post package. I thought I knew what it was and it was.  It was a wonderful letter of reference from some very dear friends in Quesnel.  My other friend in Quesnel also wrote a lovely letter, as did a friend locally.  I look forward to introducing my child to all these very special people and can't believe how fortunate he or she will be to have so many aunties and uncles.  Thank you K&R P., SC, and CC.  I love you all. 

Yesterday I also took the first step in dealing with all the shots I need. I made an appointment for a consultation at the travel clinic next Thursday.  All I can say is it is a good job I don't have a needle phobia!  I will list the details later! I think I mentioned the cost of these shots is significantly greater than I had anticipated! 
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I am thinking of adding a page to this blog outlining the process step by step: application to agency, home study and AEP, deciding which route to go, dossier, immunizations (I've found a good website), my Ontario agency,etc.  I am also thinking of a page where I write about my decision to adopt and later my letters to my child.

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