Monday, 17 October 2011

Anticipating Great Things This Week

I've got to keep my chin up and ditch the chocolate!!!!!   Thank you so much A.M. for you hugs and kind words  in Safeway tonight. You don't know how much they and your support means to me.  I so hope you will be an honorary aunty one day.  I  got in another walk tonight and got home just as it was getting dark.  Last Wednesday, after encouragemnt from three people, I am trying to get back to my walking.  It is not the amount I was doing this time last year, but it is important I start to do something given November.  I've managed Wed. Thurs., Sun, Mon. not too bad!  Does Costco count on Saturday ?

I was at union training workshop all day today.  I then went to my local agency hoping to pick up my homestudy and move forward.  My adoption worker (AW) had made contact with the facilitator in Ontario briefly today and my agency will be able to work with the faciliator.  This is good news as it saves me having to make a change in provincial or local agencies.  Now I am very eager to get registered and with the program.  My homestudy still wasn't quite ready - later this week I hope.  Unfortunately my AW has gone on medical leave.  I think we were both hopeful this new country would be a positive route so hopefully there is lots of progress prior to her return.  My case has been transferred to another AW at the agency who exercised caution over haste.  I am hoping to start collecting the necessary documents for the dossier and then getting them notarized while my new AW at the agency and facilitator work out their particulars as they are new to each other.  I feel very good about this country and am more than ready to move forward.  I am not sure if this country asks for donations to their orphanges but if they do, I will need to find a Roy as in the blog called My Greatest Adventure.

I don't know if there is a saint for adoptive parents, children  and families but I think there should be!  From the blogs I am following there are a couple of families in Honduras right now that could do with your prayers, thoughts and best wishes. 

Have a great week. Hopefully things will continue to move forward.

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