Saturday, 17 December 2011

School is over! Two weeks off! No alarm clock!

I didn't do any of my blog following yesterday as it was a crazy day.  The last day of school before Christmas and then our staff party!   I am up early this morning, couldn't go back to sleep, so decided to check the blogs for updates.  On the blog called 'Catherine's Chatter' I found this video.  I watched it and all I can think of is that if things go right for me and my local agency forwards my dossier quickly to the agency in Ontario, I may be rejoicing next Christmas.  It most likely won't be with a baby, but it would be lovey to have a little one (pre-schooler) to share in all the excitment.  If you check out this post on Catherine's blog, you'll see her daughter with a Fisher Price Nativity set.  I didn't know they existed and might try and buy one although I don't really want to jinx things!  In the meantime, I kind of live vicariously through the blogs I am following.  Catherine also has a link to Tot School on her blog and it has lots of cool ideas. I've got lots of great ideas for things to do with my little friend A.  This would also be a good website for some kindergarten teachers.  Oh, how I long to do this kind of activity with my own little one.  I've got more blogs to check but also need to get going with my day.  Too many things to do and errands to run!

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