Sunday, 18 December 2011

The 12 Books of Christmas - a wonderful idea!

One of the blogs I am following is called, "My Greatest Adventure".  It had a really neat posting that I read today.  It is an idea I saw on another blog but had forgotten about.  It is called the "12 Books of Christmas"   For each of the 12 days leading up to Christmas your child receives a book.  For me, it would be a neat way to slow down and not get caught up in that pre-Christmas rush.  For children, I can imagine it would help them with that pre-Christmas excitement.  As a teacher, I would give books at Christmas anyway, so why not do it this way.  I need to keep a list of all these great ideas.  Maybe I need a new heading on my sidebar with a list of ideas.  I also love the "love letters" that Lisa writes on her blog, "Are we there yet, Len?".  For my country, I need to get something signed by the consulate in Ottawa or else go through some complicated process here with having to get a lawyer get a letter from the bar!  This morning I am thinking okay, wait Lord knows how long for a lawyer to get this letter, or fork out the money and go get it signed at the consulate.   Off to clean my apartment that looks like a bomb went off!   So glad my home study is finished and a social worker isn't coming!!!!!!!!
P.S.  On one of the blogs of the blogs I am following there was a list of great things to take to the orphanage and leave with your child.  One of the things was those magic wands with stars in them that you keep flipping over.  I wish I could remember the blog and everything else on the list.

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