Thursday, 8 December 2011

My meeting on Tuesday

I met with my adoption worker at my local agency on Tuesday.  After what seemed like a L - O  - N - G wait we were able to talk about my new country.  It was a positive meeting.  She feels the country and Ontario agency are a good option for me.  I had several questions that she said I need to ask the director of the agency in Ontario.  I have to get on that.  They are probably easiest asked on the phone, but perhaps best asked in an email so I have a record of them.  I spoke to a family that adopted an older child (11 years) about the process and am waiting to hear back from a second family.  Although there don't seem to be any children under the age of 3 at the moment in the orphanages, I think maybe this country is the route to go.  I'd love a child around a year but it is very difficult to do, especially as a single.  I don't quite see getting my dossier off before Christmas and wonder if it isn't better to have it all ready to go for the first week of January, but then I think if I can get it together and off next week, I can celebrate the New Year, even if the dossier only made it as far as Ontario.   I was asked by my adoption worker if I had started the immigration process and I hadn't as I had been advised to wait.  Now  I have to try and figure that out process.  It is quite complicated and one you want to make sure you get right.   I believe the route is different depending on whether you bring the child home as a Canadian citizen or with a visa.  I had a lovely chat with a friend and former parent this morning.  Thank you for stopping by. 

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  1. Wonderful news Elizabeth! I am so glad you have found a country and can start preparing your dossier.

    The immigration process is not that bad. I did the PRV with Ali and the Citizenship with Ricardo. The citizenship is much easier. There is no medical and it only took a month to get the citizenship card. For Ali it took a full year which meant that we couldn't travel even to the US.