Monday, 5 December 2011

Not much news!

The attachment workshop was interesting on Saturday afternoon.  The other families there were all at different points in their adoption process and adopting in different ways.  As has been my experience to date with AFABC, the facilitator was really good and the information useful.  This is such a super organization and resource for adoptive parents at least prospective, but I can't see that changing.    We had to share the world from our child's point of view, that is proposed or prospective child. It was hard for me at the other families all knew their child but I know a little about the process in the country I will be adopting from so did my best.

I found this blog, Cathernine's Chatter on somebody else's blog.  I have put a link to it under my 'China Blogs'.  Thank you Catherine for your words of encouragement in this process.  Unfortunately China is no longer an option as they are only allowing single parents to adopt special needs children.  If only I had started this journey 4-5 years ago!  Catherine brought her little girl home at 7 months and she is now almost three.  Something that has come up on several blogs is this 'Elf on a Shelf'.  I guess I'm not terribly with it.   I haven't had a good look at it but it seems to be all the rage!  Maybe I should get one for my classroom.  Santa might like to hear what goes on at school!  The hidden bullying that kids do is so frustrating.  It is impossible to see and hear everything that goes down.

I meet with my adoption worker tomorrow to try and find out more information on my country.  Here's hoping it is a valuable meeting.  She has told me there are no children under the age of three and a half in the orphanges or children's homes.  I guess three and a half is better than five almost six!  But oh for a little one, to snuggle and rock.  When M or C snuggle in and cozy up it is just the best feeling!  I will post tomorrow if I get anything valubable.  I did email two families who have recently completed an adoption from the country I am considering but am waiting to hear back from them.

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