Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Still Waiting . . .

I am beginning to lose patience!  I would like my home study completely signed, sealed and settled so I can try to move forward.  With what, where and how I am not sure.  I need some doors to open!!!  My social worker said I should have heard or be hearing from my agency about my homestudy so I've sent them an email.  I'd love to be able to stop the ticker  Hope I can figure out how.  One country I am considering adopting from I have discovered since joining a yahoo group has a three to four year wait.  Yikes!!!!  I don't know how I hang on that long!  The other country which I was seriously considering adopting from doesn't seem to be letting new people into their Yahoo group.  I have emailed AFABC as they are so incredibly helpful.  If you live in BC and are in the process of adopting or have adopted, it is well worth your money to have a membership.  I have a link to their website on the right had side of my blog.

I had a wonderful evening yesterday and today.  I have spent the last two nights helping my friend D.  Last night A and I entertained the babies with those stacking cups and two very soft balls.  Gotta love IKEA!    Tonight, I was able to rock one of the babies to sleep.  He just snuggled and snuggled until he went out.  I even managed to lay him down without waking him up.  Sleep tight little one, sweet dreams. 

P.S. I don't think I blogged this but last Wednesday A and I had lots of fun drawing in chocoalate pudding.  You'd be nuts to try and do this activity in a classroom but one-on-one it is lots of fun.

P.P.S.  Check out the blog, "Are We There Yet, Len?"  This family is leaving Hong Kong on Thursday to return to Chicago with their daughters.  I happened across this blog somehow two to three weeks ago and having been following this family's journey through China.