Monday, 12 September 2011

Got to stop these late nights!

I have been staging my apartment all weekend!!!   Moving boxes and clutter around so it is out of the way for photographs.  Now, I just have to start sorting all this stuff!  My dossier has to have pictures of every room as well as the outside of the building and the neighbourhood.  Good job my principal picked good colours when she had our school repainted! The hoops I have to jump!   I have also been trying to find information on the MMPI personality test that I have to take twice!  Once here, and then again in my country.  This seems strange to me as when there I am likely to be highly stressed, so how fair an assessment can this be?  I am going to phone the school district psychologist assigned to our school to see if she knows anything about this test and if she is allowed to tell me anything about it  I have not made a final decision on my country and am asking my worker at the agency to give me the latest on another country.  Hopefully, this country, that was closed for a while, will work for me.  There seem to be many single moms that have successfully completed adoptions.  The age of the child is what is most important to me.   Thank you to all my dear school families out there that I have told about this journey.  Your interest and support as to how things are going mean a lot to me.

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