Monday, 12 September 2011

Still waiting . . . thinking . . . reflecting . . .

Just over a week ago I found out that a colleague I used to work with in Quesnel had died very suddenly over the long weekend.  He leaves behind a wife and three sons. I had lost contact with him but have many good memories of our times working together.  I have been thinking about his family a lot in the last week and how they would have been proud of his new position.  It has made two friends, who also used to teach at the same school, and I realize that we should do a much better job about staying in contact with each other. Life is too short.  Our colleague was only 49. 

I am working on returning to church as this is a requirement for one of the countries I am considering.  After much of the summer away, I went on Sunday only to discover the homily was on foregiveness!   This hit the first chord.  Then they played a hymn that my church in Quesnel used to play and that did it, I was in tears. I think I am over-tired, stressed and in need of some divine intervention!

 I have also learned that before bed is not the best time to do my blog following as I went to bed wondering why there isn't a country out there that will let me adopt a young child.  To make matters worse, I think my age is catching up with me!  

After school my social worker phoned and hadn't gotten the homestudy back from the agency so we were unable to meet and I couldn't show her the other half of my life - my classroom!  Never mind, I will meet up with her some time this week to "sign off" and until then the ticker keeps ticking.   Bring on the tea and cookies I thought.  I had forgotten until I walked in the door that many of the boxes I moved around for the photo shoot at the weekend are now in my living room!   Good job the home study is finished and this mess can't be used against me.

On a brighter note, after I got home I helped my friend deliver food bags for the 'Thanksgiving Food Drive' her church is having.  I sure hope they get a good response.  Then I went to drop something off at D's and had a wonderful visit with her and the kids.  The babies have changed so much.  It had been six weeks since I last saw them and they are absolutely precious.  They are now nine months old.  They can sure move across the floor even though it isn't quite crawling and they worship their big brother.  They want to be right where he is and tried their best with his puzzle pieces.  A is amazing at puzzles and loves doing them.  And D, thank you for your hugs and company tonight. I needed it more than words can explain and really enjoyed our walk.  It was so good to catch up with you.  Anytime you are taking the babies out like that, let me know. I have to get my pedometer going again!  The glass of wine was also very much appreciated. = :  )