Thursday, 8 September 2011

One small step today, one giant step next week - fingers crossed

After a long day at school and then a union meeting, I arrived home to find a message from my social worker.  The agency had read my home study and only had 2 questions.  We connected late tonight and over the phone worked out the changes.  I have decided not to pursue a US adoption.  The cost can be $40,000-$50,000 U.S. or more depending on the needs of the birth mother (health care, housing).  The unpredictability of cost is my determining factor in not registering for this program.  The home study now goes back to my agency for a final check.  My social worker and I have tentatively set a date for next Monday for our "signing".  We are meeting at school so she will get to see the other half of my life which is kind of neat!  The home study then goes to the agency to be signed by the director there.  To have this document completed will be a giant accomplishment and will allow me to move forward. 

As I said in a previous post, I started working on my dossier requirements for my country last week.  I now have in my hot, little hands a letter from my building manager attesting to the fact that I am a good tenant, pay  almost $1,400 amount in rent, along with a description of my apartment, the building, and the neighbourhood..    I also have a letter coming to me from my employer.   At the moment, I am going for the easiest items so requesting a letter from my bank is next on my list.   I will attack some of the other items when I have signed the home study.  Some of the items in the dossier are only good for six months and then have to be redone!  I emailed my representative at my agency and asked her to register me for the Ministry's Adoption Resource Exchange.  Unfortunately she doesn't yet have a date for this event.  Hopefully it goes ahead as this will help me move forward in my journey.