Thursday, 22 September 2011

A New Leaf and Waiting Parents Support Group

Yesterday I left school at 4:15 only to arrive home to find my vase with gladioli had tipped over.  Luckily there was only a little water on the top and down the front of my new sideboard or buffet, most of the water seemed to have gone on the rug but I did have to take the hairdryer to the inside of one of the drawers.  If it warps at least you won't be able to see it.   I thought I was taking care of myself by buying flowers when I grocery shopped last Saturday!!!!  Today I left school at 3:55!  To those of you that know me well these are record times.  I guess you could say it is a new "school year's" resolution. 

Tonight I attended my first Waiting Parents Support group.  It was about adopting from China. I have already done quite extensive research but figured it wouldn't hurt to hear the latest.  In March, I found out that China had reopened to singles but with a few special qualifications. For example, I must have $100,000  in assessts and am only eligible to adopt a child on the Waiting Child List (special needs kids).    The other families waiting tonight have already put in applications, most of them have been waiting for over three years, and all about one are on the expedited list.  'Expedited' means either one or both of the parents are of Chinese heritage.  My heart went out to these couples.  To hear that dossiers from 2008 are now being processed is astonishing.   I don't know where I'll be if I have to wait three years!! 

My heart also goes out to the woman from Vancouver Island who is on her second trip to her country to pick up her son.  From following her blog it seems the last couple of days have proven somewhat challenging.  Check out  'On My Way Again'   I realize I have to figure out how to join Yahoo groups.  I'm not even sure what a Yahoo group is!  Ahhh, technology!!!!!!!!!!   21st Century Learning is a scary thought! 

Still no phone call that my homestudy has been signed by the director of my agency.  I wish I knew what was taking so long.