Friday, 27 April 2012

A wonderful book - Gen and Gina, check this one out!

A blogging friend called Gen recently shared this book on her blog.  The book was given to her by another waiting parent who lives near her.   I have seen this book at Kids Books but haven't bought it yet.  I have however posted about another wonderful book before but will repost because the book is so worth it.
I Wished for You: an Adoption Story (Mom's Choice Award Recipient, Book of the Year Award, Creative Child Magazine) (Marianne Richmond)
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To summarize September's post
 "I Wished For You" is the conversation between a mother bear and her little bear and the story about how they became a family.  The soft watercolour illustrations and beautiful text make the book a real keepsake.  It is a very gentle and loving story as mama takes the time to answer all little bear's questions.  Little bear asks questions like, "What did you do when you first held me?"  He also asks if it is okay that they don't look like, wonderful for all of us going down the road of an international adoption.  If you are adopting you have to get this book for your library.  If you know people that have adopted or in the process this book would be a wonderful gift.

Gina has posted about another picture book, One Love, on her blog.  I have the reference book on parenting your internationally adopted child and have tried several times to read it but couldn't stick with it.  I am hoping once I return from my first trip it sudddenly becomes very relevant to me.

P.S.  If anybody out there has a list of what one should take in their travel kit please let me know.  Leave me a coment with a link.  I have seen pictures of bags but am needing a list now.

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