Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Will I Ever?

In the book, "Never to be a Mother", the author suggests making a list of the things you will never get to do or have.    It was at this point I stopped reading the book.  I couldn't move forward.  I wasn't ready to take the first step of twelve.  I still have some fight left in me, although not much.  Thus I am going to rename my list, "Will I ever . . .".  There are some things I will lose with not adopting an infant or baby, but there is still much to be gained.  Bear with me as I work on the list.  I will post it later.   But for now I think: Will I ever be called mum  or mummy or mama?


  1. That doesn't sound like the best book to be reading when you are waiting...I know how hard it is to wait and how hard it also is to hear that "someday" it will happen. I wish there were some way to help...this whole process pretty much sucks. I am sending all good thoughts your way that you will be called mama, mum or mummy!

  2. Thank you Lisa. I so loved you last video of Lucy cuddling up and having her back rubbed. That is why I am hoping for as young a child as possible so that I can have those snuggling and cuddling moments. You are in my thoughts so much these days. Our good thoughts must be meeting somewhere, multiplying and soon to be bringing both of us good news. Keep loving those little girls of you. Your blog is a source of inspiration and joy!