Tuesday, 17 April 2012

On a different note

Our school librarian shared this website with my students today called http://www.tagxedo.com/  It allows you to enter words and makes "shape" poems for you.  Upon returning to class we decided to play with it and thought an umbrella was a rather fitting as here on the rainy, west coast we are waiting for spring to properly arrive.  I know a fellow blogger south of me in the USA  feels a similar way.  If we do get a sunny break, we get out!!!! Give me the snow and cold, clear days of my time in Quesnel anytime!

from the website http://www.tagexdo.com/
  Oh for some signs of spring.  No news from my country yet.

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  1. What a cool website! Wish I had had access to that when I was teaching high school oh-so-long-ago! Could be fun when the girls get older though.