Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Never mind the chapel and marriage!

I got an email from my agency in Toronto today and part of my dossier is going to my country's consulate on Wednesday, tomorrow, to be attested.  This is exciting as it is the last step before my dossier is sent to my country.  The first thing that came to mind was the song, "Going to the chapel and I'm going to get married!"   No chapel here, but my dossier is going to the consulate and then on to my country.  For me right now, that is really good news!  Once it arrives and is accepted I have been told I can make travel plans.   Since Mr. Right hasn't entered my life the consulate and travel are going to be replacing the chapel and marriage!

I have to explain here that it hasn't taken the agency in Toronto this long to take the dossier to the consulate.  I was asked if I wanted to change the age of the child as there are very few young children in the orphanages. I thought about this long and hard, talked it over with a few close friends and family, thought about it some me (those that know me know I have a hard time making big decisions) and then at the end of spring break (Friday, March 23) decided not to change (raise) the age.  I emailed Toronto and said I'm leaving the age as is.  For those of you new to this blog, I want to adopt a child young enough that by the time I bring them home, I still have some formative time with them before they head to school. The agency then prepared the contract and sent it to my agency here in BC.  It took me a week, Easter weekend kind of slowed me down, to turn it around and now things are moving forward.   I have been thinking about a fellow blogger who adopted a child a little older than what I'm hoping for and realize I really need to contact her again.  She is very experienced with adoption and it would be great to get her advice.

I still haven't picked up the boomwhackers (see this post) yet and need to get on this.  I hesitate to buy too many of the other items until I for sure have some travel dates.  The boomwhackers I can always give to my students as gifts at the end of the year if I don't take them to my country.

Our provincial government is not supportive of teachers but my school board is the BEST!  Thanks to a wonderfully kind and understanding woman in Human Resources I have been granted up to ten days personal leave between now and June.  This makes it so much easier to book dates when I talk to the agent in my country.

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