Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Some Good News along with the good weather!

Well the good weather, we have had four glorious days of it, seems to have brought some good news.  Last Friday, I uploaded my revised profile and photos to Canada Adopts.  I also received my criminal record check and fingerprints, and received a good email from the agency in Ontario clarifying for us here what is needed in regards to notarizing, authenticating, attesting, etc.  I am meeting my lawyer after school tomorrow and getting three things notarized to go to Victoria to the Attorney General's office.  This afternoon I checked my email before leaving work and found out that my profile is posted on Canada Adopts.  It was a very strange feeling at first but it quickly grew on me.  I haven't actually read it yet on line as my back is acting up and I had to go to physio, but the pictures look pretty good. Please go check it out either with the link above or with the link in the side bar above the petition.

My mum and dad were over for the long weekend.  Vancouver schools were off Friday and Monday for District Closure Days.  Have to say, I love them and it makes the longer day very worthwhile.  We had four absolutely glorious days and as a fellow Pacific Northwest blogger said, we have to take advantage of them.  My mum and I walked at Jericho Beach and Spanish Banks on Friday and then my neighbour and walked a bit on Monday.  Here is a video I took with my mum.   I obviously need more practice with the camera.  I hadn't used it since coming home on the ferry.

P.S.  If anybody knows how to post a video on You Tube so it can be seen on my blog but not have other videos linked to it when it has finished playing, please leave a comment.  When my videos finish playing there are about 6 links to view other videos that aren't mine. Other blogs that have videos don't do this.  If I make the video private only people who I have given a password to can see it and I don't want to prevent people seeing my videos.

P.P.S.  Sunday was Feb. 5.  Last year I spent Saturday, Feb. 5, 2011 at a workshop at AFABC.  It was at this Adoption 101 workshop that I pretty much decided adoption was the route I would take to become a parent.  An appointment last Feb. 25 confirmed this decision.   I decided to use the day I registered with my agency as the start date for my journey but could have used February 5, 2011.

I keep extending and extending my time frame and had hoped to have my dossier submitted by the end of January.  Over the weekend I thought submitting my dossier on Valentines Day would be fitting but am not sure I'll get everything back from Victoria in time for that.  If I could do this, it would put a new meaning on Valentines Day for me!  Here's hoping with fingers and toes crossed.

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