Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Eye-yah! Ay-yah! Aiya!

Living in Vancouver for the past 12 years this is the only Chinese I know!  I believe it is their equivalent of, "Oh shoot!"   I found out today that my documents for my dossier are good but there are some inconsistencies in the homestudy that the wonderful woman in Toronto thankfully spotted before taking the dossier to my country's consulate.  "Eye-yah!" is all I could say as I was at work.  Some of these changes were made in October but seem to have cropped up again.  Please God give me strength and hope in a world and system where it is fast disappearing.  Please don't ask me if I hold much hope?  Between this news today and then the actions of our provincial government towards teachers it has been one heck of a day!   Off now to make the changes to the homestudy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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