Sunday, 12 February 2012

Latest Update

Last Wednesday, February 8, my mum's birthday, I met with my lawyer who notarized two documents and witnessed my signing of another.  He notarized a photocopy of my medical report and a copy of my passport.

He then witnessed my signing of the infamous "Form A".  This form has been the most complicated part of my dossier, but really nothing compared to some of the stuff  Honduras was requiring!  After many emails with a couple of very helpful people, I learned that this document had to go to the Attorney General's office.  They could not verify my lawyer is, "a lawyer in good standing" without seeing the form.  Anybody living in BC and adopting from the same country as me, I hope I have just ironed out this part of the process for us!

The three documents were put in an envelope and sent to the Attorney General's office in Victoria.

I was very late getting to the post office, after six, as I had to plan for a substitute on Thursday due to a workshop I was attending.  I have to say I am staring to really like Canada Post.  When you pay for  Xpress post or Priority Post, things really do fly and the ability to track your package is cool!  The most helpful and kind lady at the Attorney General's office received my package Friday morning.  She has authenticated it and it is heading back to me at work first thing Monday morning.  It should arrive on Tuesday.  If it weren't for a union meeting on Tuesday after school, I'd be down at my agency handing in my dossier.  As it stands now, I will hand in my dossier on Wednesday or Thursday.  I am providing the agency with a copy so hopefully they can courier it to Toronto on Friday.  I am not stopping the clicker for my dossier until it is in the hot little hands of my Toronto agency, and even then may wait until it actually arrives in my country.

Wow!  To think this is all finally starting to come together.  It seems like a very long wait since the beginning of October but people have told me, "good things come to those who wait!"

Thank you to those of you who have given me feedback about my profile on Canada Adopts.  Your words of encouragement mean so much to me.  I had a lovely visit Wednesday afternoon with a friend/former parent and her youngest daughter.  I taught both of her daughters and worked with this family for five years!   I knew I was very fortunate to teach in such a great school with such a wonderful community of supportive families but the support in the last week has been amazing.  I don't quite know how to thank you enough for all your encouragement and support. 
Have a great week!


  1. Congratulations! Every step and piece of paper is a milestone. !! Which country are you hoping to adopt from? May have missed thisimportant detail?

  2. Wow! Things are coming together. It won't be long and your dossier will be heading to your country. It is a great feeling when you dossier arrives and you are officially waiting. I look forward to following along as your dossier is sent off.


  3. Thank you Francesca and Wendy. My on-line blogging buddies are also a great source of support. Your experiences and knowledge is very helpful in trying to navigate the process.