Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Our school secretary brought this package down to me this morning that contained the documents I had sent to Victoria.  I was thrilled! 

Then I opened the package and read the certificate.  It referred to my lawyer as a notary public and that's when, with a class of very excited children, I hit the 'PANIC' button.  "No!" I wanted to scream, "the certificate has to say that the lawyer is in good standing with the province.  That's what I've been told has to be attached to Form A."  I sent off three emails. One to the agency in Ontario, one to the Attorney General's office and one to my family.  I phoned a friend at recess and was then almost in tears.  I have to add here that I am STRUGGLING to adjust to very expensive new glasses that I think are somehow quite wrong!  Adoption difficulties today trumped a phone call to my optometrist.  Anyway a few emails later, I learn that a lawyer becomes a notary public when signing something like this.  This is true in BC and Ontario.  It sounds like this will be okay for my country's consulate, so fingers crossed.  I sure hope so because I don't want to send it to Ontario and then have it sent back to resend to Victoria!   I like to do things right the first time and as I have been waiting so long for this, I desperately want it to move forward.  I meet with my local agency tomorrow but won't rest until the Ontario agency gets it and has it successfully attested at the consulate.  And I thought I was done with this part of the process!   I just thank my lucky stars for the two helpful women who answered these emails and helped me out. Unfortunately, all of this brought on the craving for more chocolate!

If this is part of what it takes to make things official, then I have it!  I found the Cinnamon Baby blog last night and added it to my list.  This family is working with the same Ontario agency but towards a different country.  Like them, I hope that my blog not only helps keep friends and family informed, serves as a record of the process for my child in the future, but also helps others that are in the process.  Welcome Cinnamon Baby!  I encourage to check out some of the blogs I have links to.  Although we are adopting from different countries, the ups and downs we all experience give us something in common, and the words of wisdom and experiences of those families that have completed their adoptions are very valuable.

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  1. Hi Elizabeth!

    I just read that post. Thanks for mentioning my blog :)
    The blogging community is such a great source of support, don't you think?