Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Very Quiet and Slow on the Western Front

No news what so ever and I have been home for just over two months.  I would love to hear from those of you that had to change countries.  Something I am really considering doing.  At what point did you do it?  Did you wait for your country to close or did you decide to jump ship, so to speak?   Apparently although there is no matching system for my country there is some kind of waiting list kept.  I have asked to know where I am on this list.  I hope the waiting list isn't the register I gave Miss zxcvb my name and info to put in, as I can't say I hold much faith in this big book.  It kind of reminded me of the attendance registers teachers used to have to keep. 

I just posted on my other blog and said I am about ready to give up.  I can't believe how much money I have already spent in agency fees (local and facilitator), medical - shots, postage, citizenship, etc,etc.  At least if things don't work out, I know I tried and put up a good fight which seems to be the story of my life.  Sorry, this sounds like a pity party and with what other people are facing in life, it really shouldn't be!  The $10,000 CAD (airfare, hotel, driver, shots, food, lost wages) the trip cost me I can at least say was a trip and an experience that I would otherwise never had had or never taken.  It allowed me to travel to a country I would not otherwise have visited.  I came back all eager for July, so despite a work contract, I could start making a photo book of myh trip.  Any of you that are teachers now that June, or the last month of school for those in the US, is a write off for getting much else done.  Needless to say July has come and gone and there is no photo book, not even any signs of one starting.  I have to be completely honest and say I have little interest now in putting one together. 

 I have two weeks of holiday left, three offically but I never look at the last week of August as a holiday, when I am in school getting ready for September!    Due to a number of things, I can't say I am excited, but then who really is!   I have bought some books off of Amazon that I can use with books and ideas l I already have for an almost year long writing project.  I plan to do a piece of writing every second week for this project and think the finished project will be a keepsake for families, I hope anyway.  As I am working on making things less stressful at work for me, these pieces of writing will be in a draft form.   The editing and publishing process with young children requires a huge amount of time and effort.   Special pieces, those for holidays, Mother's Day, Father's Day or to go on display will of course be published.   As I have all new students, last year I went from a  grade 1/2 to a grade 2 and kept some students, I can also do the "All About Books" I have done in past.  These too parents love!  Thank you K for sharing this idea years ago.  It is still a great success.

I haven't done much blog following in the last few days so am going to go and get caught up.

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