Friday, 24 August 2012

Spanish Banks Beach, Vancouver, BC

Hello all visitors from Kate's Fun Friday post.  This week Kate has asked us to share one of our favourite summer activities.  Mine is being at the beach and I thought I'd share one of our Vancouver beaches, Spanish Banks, with you.  If you ever head up north of the border to Vancouver and have kids it is definitely worth bringing your beach towels, buckets and spades (shovels).   Having loved going to the seaside for holidays (vacations) growing up as a child in England, having the beach 15 minutes from home is a blessing.  I don't know what it is about sand and water but I love it!  On my bucket list is a trip to Hawaii!  I haven't been to the beach at all this summer as I was working in July and do due to loss in the adoption process just wasn't up to going.  I hope to spend days at the beach with my child one summer but that seems more and more like a dream.

The best time to hit Spanish Banks West or East is when the tide is out.  You can walk a LONG, LONG  way out over the sand to the water and kids love it.  I have taken my classes several times as year end field trips and one year when I was at an east-side school one of my little girls in grade two said, "Miss A, this is the best day of my life ever.  I've never been to the beach before!"  It was a cold, gray June day and she was shivering and starting to turn blue around the mouth from being in the water!   On a hot, sunny, summer day with the tide out, there is no prettier place to be.  You sit with a view of the North Shore mountains and downtown Vancouver.  It is picture perfect.

Photos of Spanish Banks - will post some of my pictures when I am home and have access to my photos
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See photo by Steve Smith  at World of Stock

Like I said growing up in England we would go to the seaside for a holiday.  I have many fond memories of playing in the sand and swimming in the water at  Bournemouth. Unfortunately I can't find any old photos and don't have a scanner to scan them anyway.  My childhood was long before the time of digital cameras! So thanks to for allowing their images to be shared.

Picture of Bournemouth Pier - Free Pictures -

Picture of Bournemouth Seafront - Free Pictures -

This was one of my pastimes as a child.  This and being buried!
Picture of Sand Castle, Bournemouth Seafront - Free Pictures -

Please can I ask you to take a minute to look at a previous post called "Angels for Hannah".  A little girl from Victoria is very sick with a very rare form of cancer.  Her case is only the fourth in the world.  She is being treated in Vancouver, a hour and 45 minute ferry ride from home.  Please take a minute to look at the family's webpage and blog and keep them in your prayers.  The blog and webpage are only about a week old so please bear that in mind.  Thank you all!

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