Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Angels for Hannah- please pass the message on

In our local newspaper, well really my parents as I'm back in Victoria again, there is an article about a little girl called Hannah who has just been diagnoised with Stage 4  rhabdomyosarcoma.   The article says there are only three known cases in the world and Hannah's is the fourth and the first for British Columbia.  You can read about this family on a website that has been set up for them by friends.   The website is looking for donations, but keeping Hannah in your prayers and passing along the message to your friends is also a very valued and appreciated form of support.  By dedicating a post to Hannah, I am hoping to spread the message.  Please visit her website by Googling "Angels for Hannah"  and keep in mind it is new.

The link below is to the newspaper article that published this story in Victoria and where I first read about Hannah.

At a time when I feel like my journey isn't ever going to be successful and that I should through in the towel,  I feel a bit better by being able to spread the word about Hannah.  On her website there are links for those of you that use Twitter and Facebook.


  1. Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your comments on my blog! We have both had a difficult time but I'm so glad we found each other, because together we'll get there, wherever it is. My e-mail is I have a single adoption support group in Ottawa, if I/we can help you, we would be happy to. It sounds like you may need a new plan. Karen M.

  2. Could you post the charity website that has been created for Hannah so her parents can have the much needed funds to stay by her side?