Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Why go to bed!

If you are only going to lie there tossing and turning and debating whose neck you are going to wring first, why go to bed!   I was asked to be a reference by the agency in Toronto for another single woman in BC and am now in the process making friends with a wonderful woman who lives about 5 hours away.  We are email and phone buddies and have a lot in common.  If we aren't off on parenthood leave next year, note my very optimistic thinking here as there is still NO news from you know where, we are thinking of having our students be penpals!   I hope to meet this great gal one day as we shared some good laughs on the phone the other night.

On Sunday night I attended my first AFABC social event.  I went to a potluck supper at a local couple's house and met other people in the same boat as me.  Seems we all feel like we need an advocate!  We are in different programs and going different routes (domestic, Canada Adopts, international) to try and create our families.  Waiting parents are a unique breed of people!  We are often strongly supported by family and friends yet face a very emotional journey with often little information forthcoming.  We understand each other and can relate to each other's stories and experiences.  The next AFABC waiting parents event will be sometime in September.  Thank you so much to the couple who hosted the event and welcomed 10-12 complete strangers into their home.

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