Monday, 28 November 2011

Half-way with Canada Adopts and some info on my country

I have finally written my "Dear Birth Mother" letter for Canada Adopts and have paid to have some advice from their professional writer.  I hope it isn't all back to the drawing board!!!!  I have never liked writing because of  experiences in high school English classes, except for one teacher who was kind with his feedback.  He really liked a piece of writing I did about my grandfather and urged me to keep.  It is funny how things like this come back to at the strangest times.  I have the piece somewhere, maybe at my parents, and now want to find it.  This'll be like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Guess what I will be doing when I am home for Christmas!  I spent a long time tonight trying to upload the photos.  I am looking forward to getting my profile up and then I can add another puzzle piece to the home study piece. 

I did receive some information on my country on Friday but want to talk to my adoption worker this week.  I think she is very busy as she has her clients plus those she took on when my worker went on medical leave.  I am hoping to talk to a family in Ontario that recently adopted from this country. 

It's too late to do my physio exercises!   I'll do double tomorrow, I promise.

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