Tuesday, 8 November 2011

I have my first comment!

Thank you Shauna!  You are the first person to comment on my blog and I was so excited to see it tonight.  I have made a little bit of progress today in that I paid my agency for their services to be on Canada Adopts.  I now have to decide which level package (bronze, silver, gold) I would like to purchase.  I have decided not to pay the extra for a video and will most likely go with the silver package.      
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Now I can work on my profile and 'Dear Birth Mum' letter.   I will let you all know when I am up on the website.  Fingers crossed that a birth mum decides I am a worth investigating, and then maybe a match.  Who knows, for one family the match happened overnight!   Some of the connections I've heard about are ones that I wouldn't have thought of, so it is a bit of a challenge to try and describe myself  in 1,000 - 1,5000 words. 

 My adoption worker says she is still waiting for information from the first agency about information on my new country. It has been almost a month and I've got this feeling it is going to be at least another month before things move forward on the international front!  I am trying to stay positive but so want to make some progress.  While we wait, I have asked her to look into the discrepancy between the ages of the child I am eligible to adopt and the length of stay required for the second trip.  3-4 weeks is fine, but 3 months is a long time to be away from home!

This blog seems to have a mind of its own tonight as it has been a challenge to put the photos in!  Here are two more.  The first photo is a clue to my country.  The second photo fitting with my puzzle theme!

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On one of the blogs I am following the writer decided to pass some time waiting by following yet another bloggers's posting challenge.  (Click here for details)  I'm not sure I have the time to do this like Lisa did, but did find the print out of a former colleague's email entitled '4 things about me!".  It was one of those chain emails but a totally harmless one and one I thought I could share in a future post.

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