Monday, 14 November 2011

Going for the gold!

It has been really nice to have a four day weekend.  Thanks to a former boss, my school district had an extra day off like we did at Thanksgiving.  Despite putting my back out sorting groceries in the trunk of my sister's car,  I have finally reclaimed my bathroom. YES!  Everything, towels, toothbrush, bath mats etc has gone back in.  Around Thanksgiving there was a major leak and it has taken a month to get it fixed, plastered, and semi-painted.  The advantage of renting a place, I haven't had to pay a dime.  The disadvantage of renting, I am dependent on somebody else to get around to fixing it.

I am going for gold!  I looked at the packages again on the Canada Adopts website and decided since I am single I need to work a little harder to sell myself and so more pictures might work.  The Gold option also allows me to rewrite my letter once and replace up to five photos.  I have gone through a lot of photos and had an extremely kind former parent, now friend, send me some.  My cousin's wife is also looking for some.  Thank you guys!   I have chosen the two photos for the profile pages and have eight for my 'Photo Album'.    I have tried to pick pictures of me in a variety of settings; alone, with immediate family, with extended family, outside, at work, on holiday, and have two with children.  There is one with my cousin's daughter on Willow's Beach and one with a friend's son in London.  Thanks CS for letting me post the beach photo.  When my profile is up, I will make a link from here.  The matches I have heard about seem quite random, so because I don't know what the connection with a birth mum will be I have to make sure I include as much as I can in my letter.

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  1. Hi Elizabeth! I'm also in the process of adopting as a single (from Honduras) and definitely struggled with all of the picture requirements!! I apparently spend much more time behind the camera than in front of it.
    Good luck with your process!!