Thursday, 1 November 2012

What's up?


Any news?

Not a single email from my country.  Nothing.

So what now?

I guess sit and wait!

What are you going to do if you don't hear soon?

I don't know!

Are you going to change countries?

And start all over again! 


Although there is no line with my country, I knew that going in to it, finding another country open to singles and that is actually processing cases is like finding a needle in a haystack!   I had considered country X  and got info from a fellow blogger at the end of the summer.  Thank you my blogging friend.  Several emails back East to the agency for this country have garnered nothing!  Thus,  I don't view this route any better a route than where I am now.  I have asked for dossier requirements, fee schedule etc, nothing outlandish, but yet nothing.  The second family adopting from my country is going to court in November and I can only assume the first family is now safely home.  I was hoping for an email, pictures but I guess they are busy! 

I bought the large white Hemnes bookcase from IKEA, I love my VISA, and am working on decluttering my second bedroom.  Anybody that's a teacher will understand this comment!  I also bought two huge teddy bears from Costco - they are adorable and will be bagging them up soon so they stay dust free.  As soon as I have finished decluttering I will post before and after photos.  I am still leaving the room as my office but have put lots of children's books on the bookcase.  I have been by the chidlren's bookstore on my way home from the doctor's and have several good books I will share.  The books are in no particular order at the moment but it has given me something to do.  Why you might ask am I doing this know?  I want to get organized regardless of what happens and so decided to try and do something.  I also rationalize everything!!!!!!   It drives people that know me well crazy!   Thus I figure if I do this now then after I have received the call, see below, and made the second trip I have less to purchase.  If you read some of the blogs I follow, I am not the only person doing this!   I figure I will have to save like crazy for the final trip as it seems families are in country for a month to six weeks.  We are not allowed to stay in a hotel and have to rent a house!  This is somewhat worrisome as you don't have the security gate of the hotel but oh well!  I will cross that bridge when I get to it and will be looking for people to come and visit me and keep me company.  With one of the big teddybears on the bookcase I can't decide if I'm nesting or creating a shrine!

What are you going to do if you don't hear soon?
 I don't know!

Nobody has actually asked this question, although I have of myself!   I am far from giving up with the process, it means so much to me that I can't do that, and it is hard not to let it control your life.  I am making progress though, as I now only check my email once a day after work.  I was checking about five times a day!   After two phone calls, in which I believe I was politely firm and in control of my emotions, my revised home study did in fact make it to Toronto and then on to my country on October 18!   I continue to wait, some what on call, for the email saying a little girl or girls are available with an invitation to come and meet them.  Do I hold much hope?  Do you have to ask?  Can't you tell by my tone!
I had decided not to blog until I had news and could announce I was making another trip but as this seems to be slow in happening I am trying to stay positive.  Looking at the glass half-full,  my Halloween costume came to me easily this year,  the "Walking Wounded!"  If nothing else it was a spurt of creativity!  I usually hate Halloween.  I didn't grow up with it in the UK and am not a big fan of dressing up.   As my knee has been a bit sore, I wore my old knee from pre my ACL repair in 2000, a crutch, my arm bandaged, a wrist support, my head bandaged!!!!   Sorry, no pics with my camera!  My kiddies at school came in after lunch and a few of them asked, "What happened Miss A?  Did you hurt yourself?"  It was so sweet that they were concerned about their teacher.  I have started a program called Mind-Up and we have been doing mindful breathing three times a day for almost two weeks now.  It is making a difference for some and when they all get it I am going to be joining them.  It is kind of hard to do as you are talking them through it!

Finally, congratulations go out to my mum and dad.  On Halloween, yes you read that right, they celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary.  They got married in the UK and back then the UK didn't celebrate Halloween!


  1. It's good to read from you, Elizabeth! I really hope things pick up soon... What a painful process, eh?
    I'm all for buying kids stuff while you wait. It keeps you hopeful, and you have time to bargain hunt! Not like scrambling to buy everything, new and full price, last minute!
    Hang in there, and do keep us posted!

  2. Adoption is a tough road these days. We are very thankful to be done! Positive thoughts your way. I really hope something happens for you soon.