Friday, 9 November 2012

Hayley - my sister's cat playing with my brand new i-pad

My former principal had a staff BBQ at her house 18 months ago and her husband showed me how their cat played on her i-pad.  I have bought an i-pad so that when (note my positivity) I have to make the second trip to my country, the long 6-7 week trip, I can load it with educational apps for my daughter.  I have put games on it for me like: Suduko, Mahjong, Bubbles, Checkers, and Reversi.  Teaching grade two helps as I have already put some educational apps on it based on R's needs that I saw back in May.  If you are new to my blog, you can read about "R" on my other blog.  I have found an excellent sight word block as well as one that teaches letter formation. 

Now back to the cat!!!  The very first app I put on my i-pad was for Hayley.  My sister helped me set up my i-pad, she is a whiz at technology, and then we downloaded the app.  Then we found Hayley, set it up and sat back!  How many people let their cat be the first to play their i-pad?  No she didn't scratch it although from the video it looks like she is destroying it!  I love how she looks underneath it for the mouse! 

Please don't get excited, I haven't heard a thing about making a trip to meet a little girl, never mind a second trip, but like Gen over at Cinnamon Baby I am trying to spread out my expenses!  The adoption process is so expensive that any spreading out of costs helps.  This was a purchase I would have found a challenge to make right before my long trip.   

Enjoy!  I hope this puts a smile on your face.

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