Monday, 8 October 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

I turned on the computer to write this post, as I wrote one last year and discovered my blogging friend Gen had had the same thought.  (Insert smiley face here)

Well, another year has passed and I have just returned from Victoria where I was visiting my parents.  In an attempt to stay positive, see the light at the end of the tunnel and (try to) believe that his journey will be rewarding I have decided to try and count my blessings and make a list of the things I am thankful to have. See below.  So much has happened since Thanksgiving 2011 last year.  I found a country that would accept single woman.  I put my dossier together and got it to Toronto and once I signed the contract it went to my country's consulate.  I attended a local (Victoria) Ministry Matching Event last October only to discover that because I am not of First Nations ancestry and know my limitations in regards to special needs - that is being a single parent - adoption through the Ministry looks bleak.  I became a pin cushion for a large number of costly shots - no complaining just a statement as they were all necesary.  I travelled to my country for 10 days in May 2012, found a little girl and then lost this little girl,.  I  renewed my home study and like this time last year am waiting for my home study to be signed off once again!   If that isn't enough to make your head spin and your bank account hurt, I don't know what is! 

Anyway things to be thankful for:
- My family and closest friends - I don't want to start a list as I know I will miss somebody, you all know who you are, my daughter will be so fortunate to have you in her life
- My special blogging friends who I have connected with off-line (email) and whose support and understanding is immeasurable - Francesca & Matteo, Gen, Lisa, Wendy, Karen (if you guys are ever in Vancouver, please let me know) and all those who follow my blog and with whom I have made connections
- Friends I have made through my agency in Toronto - these people are so willing to help and support each other and share information, for privacy reasons they shall remain nameless.
- Supportive colleagues at work - those I have told of this journey
- Relatively good health - could do with shedding a few pounds and getting some exercise
- A 'rented' roof over my head
- The emotional stamina and strength to persist with this journey - as I've said before will I be able to teach my daughter about perserverance, persistance, patience, and there are more "p" words - I couldn't find this post to link to
- A single woman in Ontario who two weeks ago this Wednesday, went to court and signed the papers.  Her adoption is finalized and she will be homeward bound soon.  She is a trailblazer and the first to prove the process works!!!!!   Congratulations D!
- I'm sure there are more but these are key ones for today

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  1. Elizabeth,
    your daughter will be lucky to have a strong and patient mother, after what you've been through!
    Happy Thanksgiving!