Thursday, 13 December 2012

A cute video and a question

One of the blogs I follow called the Simpson Six posted this video not so long ago.  I have to say it made chuckle!   What determination their little love has!   I couldn't climb like that for mine at the moment but am growing pretty obessed with my ipad.  I have even put the Jamie Oliver app on it to share with my mum over the holidays.  There are so many great educational apps it's amazing!  I made a super video in "imovies" as we have some ipads at school and are trying to learn how to use them.

I have an "Elf on the Shelf" in the wardrobe in my second bedroom for my little girl and was telling my students at school about this little guy.  As we teach right up until the 21st this year, about as late as we can go unless Christmas is Monday, the excitement is building BIG TIME!!!!!   Has anybody watched the movie that goes with the "elf"?   I really want to show it but don't really want to preview the whole thing.  I am so tempted to take my elf to school!

Keep posting those pictures of your family's elf.  I should be keeping a list as there are collectively some great ideas out there. 

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