Thursday, 27 September 2012

Vanvcouver, B.C. - Adoption Tax Credit and No News is Not Good News

To those visiting from Kate's blog my location is Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  I like Kate's topic this week as it will be interesting to see if there are other people locally following Lucy's blog.  Kate, if you and Eric and the kids are ever up this way, please let me know.  I'd love to show you around!

To those following my journey my home study update is still stalled at my local agency.  I haven't heard that they have passed it on to the agency in Toronto, despite asking them to let me know when they did this, and they have had it for over a week!  The agency in Toronto requires this update to move ahead!   Eye-yah!!!!!!    I getting very good at twiddling my thumbs!!!!!!  I have done every part of the process I have control over and can't do any more.  I try to believe that my local agency has some interest in helping me become a parent. although I don't want to admit to the world what I really think!   It doesn't take me very long to fix any ypos in my report cards that my principal catches, so I can't believe that to change a number  (age of child) and a date on a letter takes a great length of time.  I paid significant stage two fees for something, for what - isn't quite clear to me yet.  It is very hard to be stalled and all I can do is hope for the families down there now and those waiting to travel that everything goes ahead.  Their success in bringing a child or children home I hope will pave the way for future successes.   I look forward to sharing the success of  the first single parent.  She went to court yesterday but will be another three weeks before she is home.  I think I will literally kiss the ground at Toronto airport and hug the customs agent when I arrive home.  If I am every successful in this process, I think I have an idea for a second job!  There are presently no services in what I am thinking of doing and although I don't want to make money off the backs of people in my situation, Lord knows we have already paid enough fees, I feel there is a need for it.

There are so many children growing up in orphanages around the world that one has to wonder just why international adoption has become so hard.  If you have a reason why, I'd love to hear it.  I have two, UNICEF and suspected child trafficking. 

I also wonder how one can tell or share about the adoption process without offending people and sharing very personal information, however I am at a point where I feel like telling it all.  Dr. Phil, I have a topic for you!  I have told a few people, friends, colleagues and their eyes pop out of their heads and I haven't even come close to the expensive part of the process!!!!  Very few people know the financial never mind emotional costs of adoption and this is seldom talked about.   Do you think this is something people should share?  I wonder if it would garner support for those of us in the process. 

 A petition was started for equal EI benefits for adoptive parents.  I think one should be started for the adoption tax credit.  The  Canadian Adoption Tax Credit is crappy!  From reading the website the credit is non-refundable.  This means you only get money back if you owe the government money, and then it is only that amount.  If you are already getting a refund then the credit amounts to a big, fat, zero!  Remember folks, the government doesn't give away money!  I emailed our premier about this last May and got no answer.  A take this as a direct indication of her "Families First" policy.  Oh, for a few minutes of her time.   In Quebec I believe their tax credit is refundable!  See their info.   The refund is 50% of the expenses up to a maximum of $10,000.  My 50% is already very nicely over $10,000 and  I have a second trip to find a child at some point and then a 6 week to go to court.  I am thinking the $10,000 credit in Quebec will be more like 10% by the time I'm done!   I would be most interested to hear what the adoption tax credit like in your area.  I think adoptive families don't fight this tax credit issue as by the time you get home with your child you are so emotionally, physically and financially spent, not to mention relieved the process is complete and you have your LONG awaited child, that fighting the tax credit is the last thing on one's mind!


  1. Hi Elizabeth, I also follow Kate's blog and pray every day for their family. I can't imagine walking in their shoes. We live in Ontario but on the Manitoba border so very far from Toronto! We have brought home 2 amazing daughters from both Vietnam and China as well we have a bio son. I read your post and feel for you as it seems you are "stuck". In the process of bringing your little one home. They sure have made international adoption so hard and the sad thing is the orphanages are full of waiting children who long for parents. It's very sad. I just wanted to say hello and wish you the best of luck!! Janice

  2. Hi Elizabeth, sorry to hear the homestudy update is stalled...but I'm sure it will be on its way soon...had a question...the single parent who is waiting to go to Court, is that to adopt a child so the end of the process in country? If yes, that that sounds very promising!!

  3. Hi Elizabeth (this is the name of my first born too),
    We are from BC also. We have finished the homestudy and are awaiting the stage two checks to clear (barf!!!). We are doing international adoption also. I'm wondering who your BC agency is? I have a feeling we have the same one... :/ Maybe they are all slow, I don't know?

    I can sympathize with you with the emotional and financial aspects of this. We are probably (most likely) going to be raising some funds because we don't want to be in deep over our heads in debt with the crazy fees. It is astronomical!

    I wish you all the best. If you are interested, our blog is

  4. I popped in over here from Kate's blog too. Originally from the States, I married a Canadian and live in the Fraser Valley Region of BC.

  5. In my last e-mail I think I forgot to mention this about the adoption tax credit - I paid 100% fees up front for my first adoption that never happened because the agency stole everyone's money and went bankrupt. Since I paid for an entire adoption, I applied for the credit and they REFUSED because I didn't have an adoption order (even though I had every receipt). Ummmm, thanks, so not only did I spend more than $20K on a child I didn't get to bring home, I couldn't even get the credit to help me start over. And the intent of the credit is supposed to be to help Canadians who cannot have their own children with the high cost of adoption. Thanks for the help, Canada!