Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Talk about annual review!

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of meeting with the social worker who did my home study a year ago.   If you look at the dates in my time line, we signed on Sept. 16 last year and the review was Sept. 17.  How is that for being pretty dead on annual and it wasn't planned!   I had to formally increase the age of the little girl I hope will become available, there aren't any young children available in my country, and to meet BC adoption requirements had to have an annual review - at a cost of course!!!!   Don't know whether you have to do this in Alberta or Ontario, but it is an extra step here!.  I didn't increase the age back in July because I wasn't sure if I'd be charged extra, or charged twice, so I waited.  I don't think this slowed things down with the agency in Toronto but I hope not.  My social worker is contracted by my local agency and she is AMAZING, FABULOUS and INCREDIBLE.  Last Thursday she had made the changes and emailed me the new home study.  How is that for efficient but more importantly helping me to move things along?  She came over last night, Monday, with the signing pages and so she I have done our end of it and now my fingers are crossed my local agency can send it Toronto a.s.a.p.  There has to be a new letter of approval printed and I am fingers crossed that doesn't take long.  It is as simple as: call up the old, change the date, change the age of child, print it and send it.

My social worker loved my pictues and last night we were able to have a good visit.  The children are beautuiful and I have some incredible photos.  I know some of you will think I am nuts, but there is an amazing one of R that I'd love to put in a frame.  She is a beautiful girl and I sincerely hope the family coming back to get her does so soon.  As I posted on my other blog, she had a birthday on Saturday and turned 8 years old.

Dianna, the woman running Hannah's website and blog, sent me a button.  YES!  Now I can keep little Hannah's picture with Lucy's and people can check her website and blog.  I didn't want Hannah's post to get lost and explained to Dianna blogs are a little like rolling up toilet paper!  Hannah's prayer request would become burried! 

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