Thursday, 5 July 2012

Post # 90 - Check out my other blog for my first and last "Heart Letter" to R

I have been following Lisa's blog, "Are We There Yet, Len?" and love the 'heart' and 'love' letters she writes to her girls K and L.  I should have checked with Lisa, I never like to use other people's ideas without asking, but needed to put closure on my adoption loss and so went ahead and wrote a 'heart' letter to R.  I don't think R will ever see it but she is a very special little girl who deserves a special family and a loving, caring, forever home.  I only hope the couple that is finally returning to start the adoption paperwork realize what a wonderful child R is.  Please hop on over to my other blog (link in top righthand corner) to read the letter.   It is nothing like the ones Lisa writes, she was a high school English teachers, and my high school English teachers didn't know where I'd come from (the experimental education era in the UK in the 70's) with the exception of Mr. R at Oak Bay High.  Thanks Mr. R, for encouraging me that writing from the heart, doesn't have to be perfect!  Sometimes the content and the message are what counts! Another reminder of Mr. R came the last week of school when one of my little students M, when asked to write about somebody special in her life, insisted on writing about her cat Pepper.  Her writing almost made me cry as the tabby cat she described could have been our dear old, most beloved Tinkerbell.  Even though Tinkerbell has been gone for 12 years, I have missed a lot in the last two weeks as she had the uncanny ability of knowing who it was in the family that needed her the most, and then giving her time to that person.  I couldn't find the kids' writing today and can only hope the substitute teacher handed them out on the last day of school.  I wanted a copy of M's piece and to let her mum know this was a piece that needed to be saved!

Happy Belated Independence Day to my extended family and friends in the USA!

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  1. Aww, no worries on cribbing my idea! Glad you did & I hope it provided some comfort & closure to put your feelings down in writing.