Thursday, 15 March 2012

Nothing much to report

I have had contact with two references my Ontario agency gave me.  The first said she visited 21 orphanages and saw 500 children on her first trip.  That is mind boggling or as I saw on a blog the other day, "gob- smacking"!  The other reference visited fewer orphanages but provided me with a lot of VERY useful and helpful information.  I will certainly keep in touch with him and his wife as I continue my journey.  Both references have already made their first trip.  My heart aches for these children and their challenging pasts.

I am waiting to hear from the woman at my Ontario agency to see if she can find out any more about the children available at the moment.  I so don't want to make the first trip and come home without a match and then have to go back.  That would be heart breaking, gut wrenching and emotionally, physically and financially draining!   I wish once you had made the first trip, they would keep your wishes in mind and then propose a child when one became available.  I am hoping this can be done.  Until I increase the age of the child I am willing to take, everything is on hold still.  I so want some formative years with my little one and have had my heart set on a preschool aged child or younger since I started this process.  The big question is, do I gamble and book a trip hoping a little one is there, or do I increase the age of my child, give up what I had hoped for, and find an older child that is available for adoption.

It is spring break but our weather here has been wet, cold and windy!  There is some blue sky today so I am going to drag myself out for a short walk.

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