Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Canadian Citizenship Confirmation

Well, even though I have a citizenship card and a Canadian passport and knew I was Canadian, my application for Part 1 - Confirmation of Canadian Citizenship of Adoptive Parent - was approved by the powers that be and I recieved a letter today telling me I can download Part 2 and where to apply.  I can't complete Part 2 however until I have accepted a proposal for a child which for me means making a first trip and then returning home and putting in an application for a child.  It seems quite a few countries now have the '2 trip' process.  The letter I recieved explains that I have two years from the date the letter was issued, March 22, 2012 to apply for Part 2.  That means I have 725 days in which to make it to the Canadian Consulate to which I have been directed.  The letter is a fairly significant step in bringing my child home but one I hope I don't have to reapply for!   It was hard to know when to apply for Part 1 in regards to a timeline  but I had been advised to get it earlier rather than later.


  1. Hi Elizabeth!

    Congrats on getting this important step done!!! How does your process go from here? It sounds like you're going to travel and pick a child for yourself? If so, your process is quite different from ours! If you'd like, maybe you could write a post to outline what your process is going to look like?
    I don't know if you've seen my comment on my blog, in response to yours:
    I haven't found your email address on your blog. I too would like to exchange emails with you! If you don't feel comfortable sharing your email address as a comment on my blog, you can always look me up on the CanadaAdopts forums. Go to the forums page, hit "search" and, in the search by member number field, enter "8982". You should find me there... My username is gebouc. Send me a personal message with your email address, if you like...

  2. Congratulations Elizabeth, every step is important. I had to have my Part II extended but it wasn't a problem for me to get an extension...I can't remember if it was for 6 months or another year, but these things happen often...have forgotten the paper chase part of it...but it is significant!!