Sunday, 10 March 2013

ABC's of International Adoption - Part Three

I have just had yet another birthday!!!!!!!  Holidays and birthdays are painful reminders in this process and seem to be one way of marking time.  All I can think of is I'll be that much older if and when my daughter ever comes home. Due to an unfortunate accident at the end of February, I wasn't much in the mood for celebrating this year.   My parents are wonderful and amazing.  I can only hope to be like them one day.  They came over last Thursday and appeared in my classroom after school taking me completely by surprise.  I am facing a number of challenges at the moment and a lot of anxiety and it was so lovely to see them.  We had a lovely family dinner with my sister on Friday night and then I have used the weekend to write report cards!!!!!!!

Here goes for a few more letters: 
Source: Concise Oxford English Dictionary

hapless (pg. 649) - unlucky or unfortunate
On Tuesday, February 26, I had a hapless accident that has thrown a major wrench into things.

immigration (pg. 712) - the action of coming to live permanetly in a foreign country
The immigration process to bring an adopted child to Canada has two routes.  One is citizenship and the other is as a a permanent resident.

jump at (pg. 770) - accept eagerly
I was going to take a leap of faith and jump at the opportunity but my hapless accident has slowed me down.

kaleidoscope (pg. 774) - a toy consisting of a tube containing mirrors and pieces of coloured glass or paper, whose reflection produce changing patterns when the tube is rotated
The toy store near my parents' house has little plastic, pocket-sized kaleidoscopes perfect for little hands to hold and use.

More later, very tired and off to make some dinner. 

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