Monday, 4 February 2013

The ABC's of International Adoption - Part One

My February blogging challenge!

Instead of griping I think I am going to try to describe the process of international adoption using each of the letters of the alphabet.  Perhaps this will be eye-opening to anybody beginning the process, familiar to those of you in it, and a reminder to those that are fortunate to have succeeded.

Here goes!
Source: Concise Oxford English Dictionary

advocate  (pg. 19) -  person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy
In my experience, there is no advocate for those in the process of international adoption despite the HUGE amount of fees that are paid.

*cheating with "B" - I don't want to be totally negative!  This one is at least educational.
balata (pg. 100)- a tropical American tree which bears edible fruit and produces latex. The woman in the Amerindian gift shop in my country told me it was like wax.
I have two balata figurines, a parrot and a turtle both symbolic, from my country which I have looked at recently and considered melting! 

capitulate (pg. 208) - cease to resist an opponent or an unwelcome demand; surrender
I will soon capitulate to the international adoption process as I have put up a good fight and am running low on mental and emotional reserves!

dishearten (pg. 411)-  to lose determination or confidence
I am one hundred percent disheartened by the process of international adoption.

endangered (pg. 470) - at risk, especially of extinction
I believe adoptive parents are becoming an endangered species. 
Sorry, I can't help feeling this way, especially after reading some annual reports. 
FYI: Did you know that adoption agencies in BC do not have to post numbers in their annual reports?

enervate  (pg. 472) - to feel drained of energy
The international adoption process will at some point cause one to feel enervated and confused.

Any other words you can think of ? 


  1. Oh yes, I can think of many others, none of them nice. I've certainly got one for "F"!!!

    1. Oh Karen, you made me laugh! I needed that today. I could think of a few more letters with flavourful words!

  2. My sentiments too :/ It is a grueling and frustrating process. It shouldn't have to be this way at all. I find the communication with agencies here in BC one of the most frustrating aspects of this process. It's even more frustrating to read the international adoptions from American Bloggers. It seems like such an easier process over there. It is mind-boggling the difference here. And then to top it off, each province is different...arg! Do you have FB? There is a Canadian International Adoption Group. I don't know if this link will work or not...!/groups/249733911824938/

    1. Hi Christine,
      Thank you for the link but unfortunately I don't have a Facebook account. I need to get one but have to have the strictest of privacy settings on it due to being a teacher. Like you, I think families in the States seem to have it easier. One family whose blog I found has completed three seperate adoptions from Ethiopia in the last couple of years and are waiting to go back again! I have been told Ethiopia is very difficult and SLOW and at the time I had to chose a country wasn't accepting dossiers. I am curious as to how some US agencies are still facilitating adoptions?
      Gotta wonder about where we live and if there is any value in temporarily relocating someplace else?