Sunday, 9 March 2014

Please sign my petition

Hello to anybody still following this blog.  I finished my radiation treatments at the end of October, had my modified radical mastectomy at the end of November and got CLEAR pathology results in January after my oncologist had the report reread.  I have had two things picked up on a CT scan in January that were of concern but they have turned out to be nothing.  On March 5th I learned that the enlarged lymph node on the left side is BENIGN!!!!!  Oh man, I'd rather be a false positive like this than the false negative I was last April.  The little spots on my right lung are in the exact position to be scaring from the radiation, so we are breathing a sigh of relief.  It has been a long two months and now I hope to start reclaiming my life and finding a new normal.  I need to wait a while longer before returning to the adoption process but so hope I can do so.  If I let myself get down and think about what I may have lost, I wind up very upset.  I worked so long and hard on accomplishing my dream of becoming a mum that I can't let it go yet. I can't begin to tell you how heartbreaking this will be.  I WANT nothing more in the world than to become a mum.   Please keep me in your prayers that things stay positive (no recurrence despite higher odds with stage III cancer) and that I can return to the adoption.  On the Breast Cancer forum the other day I was reading about women newly diagnosed.  One lady had just been diagnosed and had a four year old that she had adopted a year ago!   She said how much her son was helping her to fight her cancer. 

I have started a blog with a petition where I am trying to make a difference.  That is that women be told when it is identified by screening mammography that they have dense breasts.  This way further testing (ultrasound or MRI) can be done.  Please hop on over with the link below and take a look.

To those of you in the USA there are only 14 states where it is law that women be told.  Check out the link to the website "Are You Dense?"

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  1. So glad to hear that things have taken a turn for the better!! I check back often hoping to read a positive update! Tons of positive thoughts your way!